Okay .. it’s been almost two weeks since his last treatment and it’s been a miserable time.  He hasn’t eaten much, hasn’t slept much.  He lays down and everything drains down his throat so he starts choking.  His body is detoxing – getting all that poison out of it any way it can … thru the nose, mouth, butt.  It doesn’t sound pretty but it is what it is.  But I think he’s starting to feel a little bit better.  Still tires easily.

But a ray of sunshine …. he actually had a piece of chicken tonight, not pureed, mashed or anything of the sort … an actual piece of chicken with mashed taters and some wax beans.   Yummy.  So happy.

I told him once he starts eating more normal food, he’ll feel less tired and not spend so much time in the bathroom!  and not need so many meds!

One day at a time.


The End Part 1

The end has come … for treatment that is.  Last radiation treatment was yesterday and I wasn’t sure he was going to make it.  He’s had a miserable past few days, okay week plus days.  They gave him a certificate of completion and his mask which had to go hide in the basement … too freaky.  Every day now is a day closer to being healed. But his spirits are better!

I’ll keep posting on the healing adventure.

Down to one

Yipee …. One more radiation treatment left.  Tomorrow is the last day for zapping.  Georg had his last chemo treatment on Tuesday.  Now let the healing begin.  We’re marking the calendar for the first cheeseburger.  He’s been eating only lipton noodle soup all week cause he can’t get anything down – his throat is so sore. 

It’s been a long rough road.  Pet scan in two weeks to make sure that nasty thing is gone baby gone.



Six down two to go

End of week six and it’s starting to catch up with him.  More bad days than good this week.  He’s wondering if he can make it the next two.  We don’t want to think of the alternative if he quits.  He actually had to use his borg tube once this weekend.  I wonder how long it’s going to take for him to start to feel better after treatment ends?  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Not A Good Day

It’s not been a good day for our Georgie Boy.  He didn’t sleep last night … sometimes he gets that way after Chemo.  But he went into work anyway.  He had a Kitty Cat Scan today to see if there are any in his head … not really … they wanted to check the size of the tumor.  They are modifying treatment to aim the radiation more towards what’s left of the tumor.  I was hoping since it was reacting so well that they’d shorten his treatment time … NOPE.  He came home and felt like crap.  I took his temp and it was eleveated.  Apparently if it goes to 101 I have to take him to the hospital … luckily it was only 99.1.  I sent him to bed anyway and covered him up with blankies to keep him warm.  Maybe he’ll fall asleep early.

Well it’s nearing the end of week 5.  Three more weeks of treatments and then onto the slow slow recovery.

End of Week 4 … Onto 5!

We’ve made it through the first half.  Now we start counting backwards!  I know there’s a few more weeks of healing at the end but it’s closer.  The thing has shrunk and the doctors are quite pleased.   Georg has developed a sore under his tongue and for a while we thought it was the acidity in the fruits.  One of the medical people thought it might be his gold crown, not the one on this head, the one in his mouth.  That it was heating up and the sore was actually a burn.  They’ve created a shield for his tooth to wear during radiation and it seems to be working.  So I guess he has a crown for his crown.

The end of the week still seems to be his low point … feeling like crap, completely worn out.  This weekend, we managed to sleep late in the morning.  Not trying to get up and rush to church … they understand.  We did go to pancake supper at the church on Saturday and we enoyed the company.  Georg seemed to really enjoy it.

More news next week.

Another Day Another Pain

End of week three of treatment.  Throat is really sore and hard to swallow… especially solid food.  Mac n cheese, itty bitty chicken bites, pureed fruit, ice cream, anything soft and swallowable.  Tonight was a first … pureed chicken … actually didn’t taste too bad.  Followed by a large bowl of strawberry ice cream.  What can we cook tomorrow?  Pureed roast beef (yuk) … chopped up spaghetti with a white sauce (cause the tomato stuff is starting to burn the throat).  Going to try to make a pot of cheese soup, cream of chicken soup, more potato soup.